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IMC Details
2(c) Name(s) of Chairman and Members of Institute Management Committee, Industrial Training Institute, Tezpur, Assam:

Sl.No. Proposed Members Designation Address Remarks
1234 5
1 Sri Jiten Gogoi
Kamrup Minerals &
Chemical Pvt. Ltd.
Chairman Kamrup Minerals & Chemical Pvt. Ltd.,
Sidharth Hotel Complex
(4th floor), Fancy Bazar,
Guwahati- 1, Assam
2 Manager,
Key Customer, Bosch
Power Tools
Member Bosch Power Tools
3 Proprietor,
Jupitar Syndicate
Member Jupitar Syndicate,
Near Downtown Hospital,
Dispur, Guwahati-6
4 Proprietor,
Prag Bussiness Syndicate
Member Prag Bussiness Syndicate,
Dr. J.C. Road, Panbazar,
5 Principal,
I.T.I. Tezpur
Member Secretary I.T.I. Tezpur -
6 Representative from
Directorate of Employment
& Craftsmen Training (DECT),
Assam, Guwahati-8
Member Directorate of Employment
& Craftsmen Training,
Assam, Guwahati-8
7 Representative from
Director General of Employment
& Training (DGET), New Delhi
Member Director General of Employment
& Training, New Delhi.
8 Assistant Director,
District Employment Exchange,
Sonitpur, Tezpur
Member District Employment Exchange,
Tezpur, Sonitpur.
9 Secretary, Trainee's Union,
I.T.I., Tezpur
Member I.T.I., Tezpur -
10 Senior Faculty Member,
I.T.I. Tezpur
Member I.T.I., Tezpur -
11 Course Coordinator,
I.T.I. Tezpur
Member I.T.I., Tezpur -